Architecture is dreaming, analyzing, working hard, it is not about the idea of one person, but the ideas and solutions of an entire team. A successful project is one where everyone involved has been able to realize his or her dream.

Founder Mathias Kerremans has developed his expertise and design skills in the offices of Richard Rogers Partnership, VK group, Foster and Partners and B2ai, working on projects in Russia, France, Morocco and Belgium. Studio Mathias Kerremans, or Smak architects was founded in 2010. Smak takes the lead to design and to deliver a project from A – Z. This work is rarely done alone, in every project specialists are invited around the table at the Boekenberg Castle in Antwerp to think, to discuss, to make models in order to get the best out of every opportunity. VHH London, A-tract architecture, Space lab, and Bureau Bouwtechniek have been our amazing partners on recent realisations.

“Team building is both an art and a science and is always the start of every project”

Mathias Kerremans moved to London after finishing his studies as structural engineer and architect in 1999 to work on the design of the New Law Courts building in Antwerp for VK and Richard Rogers Partnership. In 2002 Kerremans returned to Belgium to be full time on site until the completion of the Law Courts in 2005. After half a year of travelling Kerremans returned to London, to start at Foster and Partners in 2006. With his team he worked on several international projects and competitions, including a restoration project of an old chocolate factory in the centre of Moscow (red October chocolate factory 30,000m2) - a design for a mixed use scheme in Moscow (Project Orange, 180.000m2), a twin tower project in Paris (hermitage 90,000m2) in 2009 he was responsible for the execution of a residential project in Rabat, Morocco (Bab Al Bahr project 400,000m2). In July 2010 Kerremans left his position as associate partner at Foster to start his office smak architects in Belgium. Together with Van Heyningen and Haward (VHH) London, Smak Architects won the competition to build a school in Eeklo under the “scholen van morgen” programme (OLV Ten Doorn, 11.000 m2, 2012-2018).

In parallel Kerremans worked as lead designer for B2AI Brussels, designing and building with the Brussels team a mixed use tower (The One, 38.000 m2 for Atenor ) , A waterfront residential scheme (Zuidzicht 35.000 m2 for Kolmont) a human centred prison complex ( Haren, 116.000m2 with Denys), a school and community project in Koekelberg (Comenius, 12.500m2 for Kairos) and an award winning school building (Neder-Over-Heembeek, 8.200 m2 )for the city of Brussels, and many other projects.

Since 2018 Kerremans gave up his position at B2AI to focus 100% on developing smak architects.The young team of smak architects is expanding quickly, working closely together with a number of urbanists, architects, interior architects, and artists. In that context smak is working with A-tract architects, space lab urbanists and is looking to expand this network.In 2018 smak was commissioned to design a short stay high rise building in Brussels with 210 units, (8.000 m2), a long stay residential tower with 110 units, (11.000m2) and the renovation of a 4500m2 office building as part of the new Besix A-stay concept, a new concept where people stay and work under one roof, sharing communal spaces.In Chisnau, Moldova smak is designing together with A-tract and the local architects from ARHGRUP a new A-stay location.

Smak is always looking for talented team players with design and/or technical ambitions, spontaneous applications are always appreciated. (