Passive school, winner of “be.exemplary 2016”

In his role as lead designer for B2AI Brussels, Kerremans designed with the Brussels team this passive school in In Neder-Over-Heembeek. After a design and build competition with Denys as our contractor, we where chosen to design and build a passive school for kids in between 3 and 12 years old, where “project oriented education” was chosen above the classic way of teaching. We choose to focus on designing 3 different identities for 3 very different age groups. The programme included “project orientated education” a way of teaching with the focus on working in smaller groups, rather then the teacher lecturing in front of the whole class. Every function( elementary, primary, sports hall )has its own volume, by rotating each of these volumes interesting spaces are created; the entrances, informal spaces where parents can meat. On the south side, the rotation of the volumes creates naturally the division of the playgrounds for the different age groups. For the materialisation we choose for a protecting concrete base, with a wooden structure on top.


SIZE 8,249 m2 CLIENT city of Brussels

TYPE winner competition BUILDING COST 12,5 M €

TEAM B2AI Brussels TIMING 2014-2018

Thiers-Dujardin Landscape, Ney and partners stability

Denys contractor