OLV Eeklo

“Revitalizing a unique campus”

Together with Van Heyningen and Haward (VHH) London, Smak Architects won the competition to build a school in Eeklo under the “scholen van morgen” program. It´s a large project, including a masterplan for the entire campus, demolition of some historical buildings, a refurbishment of a 70 ties building and a new school building. Not many schools in the country can be called ´a school in a park´, where old and new buildings are spread over 5.5 ha of garden, inspired by romantic English gardens. The vision we presented to the school goes beyond the ambitions and restraints of the programme. A long vision masterplan has been created, inspired by the original garden design and strengthened by new sequence of courts and green spaces dotting the routes through the campus. The new sport shall with its distinctive façade has been pushed into the campus, creating an entrance square for this campus.

Project by joint venture van Heyningen and Haward - Smak Architects



TYPE winner competition BUILDING COST 12,4 M €

TEAM VHH architects, smak architects TIMING 2014 - 2018

Delta Consulting, Tecon, Bureau Bouwtechniek