“Revival of a neighbourhood”

The Brewery “Van Den Heuvel” with it’s famous Ekla bier is long gone in Sint-Jans-Monenbeek, the site got in decay , and was a negative spot in already a difficult neighbourhood of Brussels. The project developer Re-vive believed in a durable and socially responsible project in this neighbourhood. The project includes residential units, commercial spaces, social housing and a school on this site. The residential units are sitting mainly in a 18 story tower, the architecture of this landmark building is announcing changes in this part of town. The tower stands out with it’s white panels, the structure is concrete with an infill of timber facades panels, a unique and very durable way of building a high rise tower in Belgium.


SIZE 6000m2 CLIENT Revive

TYPE commission STATUS Under construction

TEAM B2AI Brussels TIMING 2014-2020