School campus Comenius

“Bringing the community into the heart of the school”

The In parallel with running smak, Kerremans worked as lead designer for B2AI Brussels, designing and building with his team the new school campus “Comenius” in Koekelberg. The campus has 4 distinct buildings and will look after kids from 6months old till 18 years old. It has a community centre, a library and a sports hall. Each function has its own identity with the community centre and sports hall in the middle in a very red recognizable brick. We believe the school should function as the meeting point for a whole neighbourhood, and these principles of organizing occasional encounters lay at the base of this design. The secondary school is teaching according to the principles of “project oriented education” a very new way of educating kids, supporting initiative and stimulating working in little groups, rather then just listening passively to the teachers.

PROJECT Education LOCATION Koekelberg

SIZE 12,500 m2 CLIENT Kairos

TYPE commission STATUS Under construction

TEAM B2AI Brussels TIMING 2012-2019