A-STAY Brussels

this approach to living and working together is quite unusual, but makes a lot of sense.

A-STAY ’s formula offers people a place to stay from one night up to 1 year and will also rent out offices, all in one location, in one project. This evolution where the borders between living and working disappear is new and offers finally solutions for the big mono-functional office districts. Sharing office and staying facilities such as parking, lobby function, laundry is a win-win situation for mobility, energy use and above all social contact. In a complex of 24,000m2 business people will mingle with the student on a 6 months course, with the tourist visiting Brussels for a weekend, with the expat on a 1 year project, with the residents of the studios who enjoy all the services and connectivity. The spine through this new concept will be a shared ground floor area. This will ensure a lively fun plinth fort the three buildings, where occasional encounters take place, where meeting rooms during the day become event rooms in the evening, where bookings, food, reservations, parking, shared bikes, events, and other needs are managed by the A-STAY network for the entire complex. The project has 3 distinct buildings and a big shared ground floor, the first high-rise building is offering 210 short- and mid stay units of 20m2, the second building is an existing office building that will be renovated and integrated in the project, the third high rise volume offers long stay units from 45 m2 – 90 m2 with breath-taking views over Brussels. The architecture reflects this vision; all 3 buildings have their very distinct character but share a large communal ground floor, materialized with a canopy and colonnade. The first to be built is the short/mid stay concept building. The façade of the A-STAY short- and mid stay building is kept simple and modular, it has bigger window units at the lower floors evolving randomly to a smaller grid at the top floor creating a simple but elegant facade. The bigger windows have a fixed solar shading element, the smaller windows are placed deeper to avoid overheating. Every room has therefore either one big window or two smaller windows. The entrance is expressed by the canopy and big external staircase, to express the welcoming gesture to all its users. The mid and long stay building has a very different expression. The balconies of the studios and apartments are expressed in white architectural concrete in order to break the scale and to promote the outdoors. The Diegem project will be the showcase for the 7000 “stay”units that will be developed over the next 5 years by the BESIXSTAY group. Smak architects appointed as the architect for Diegem and lead designer for a new location in Chisinau, Moldova. Smak has teamed up for this project with A-tract architecture for their knowledge in hotels and circular buildings. Space lab was appointed as urbanist on the project.

PROJECT Hotel, Residential, Offices LOCATION Diegem, Brussels


TYPE commission BUILDING COST 22M €

TEAM smak architects, A-tract architecture TIMING 2018

Lambda-max stabilty,TPF engineering M and E