Project Orange

“Symbol of opulence”

In his time as associate partner Kerremans designed with his team this new multi-use building for Moscow, which combines a museum of contemporary art with residential units. The concept has been influenced by structures found in nature including the orange, which is historically a symbol of opulence in Russia. The building is conceived as a series of distinct residential and hotel segments arranged around a central museum space, which forms the heart of the scheme. The concept is a response to

a request from SST/Russian Land and Madame Lushkev to explore the idea of a compact mixed-use development.

Circular in plan, five “segments” rise to 15 storeys, creating a compact cluster of volumes. Curving into one another, the segments provide an efficient structure to protect against Moscow’s cold winter climate, while glazed slots bring natural light deep inside and provide spectacular views out.

The building meets the ground with generous shops and museum space, revitalising the surrounding urban realm and strengthening pedestrian links to and around the site. The museum is arranged over a series of levels linked by a ramp that spirals up through the building. The central courtyard is a 24-hour destination with bars and restaurants.


SIZE 250,000 m2 CLIENT Inteco

TYPE study STATUS not realised

TEAM Foster and Partners TIMING 2008-